Northern Communities Health Foundation Inc.

About the Foundation

The Foundation was founded in 1998 following the closure and sale of the assets of the Northern Community Hospital, which was located on Main North Road, Prospect. The Hospital, which opened on 9th February 1952, provided high quality facilities and services primarily in the areas of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Orthopaedics. Due to changes in hospital funding arrangements occupancy declined to the point where it became uneconomic and it closed on 12 December 1997. The residual funds, following the payment of staff, sale of the property (to Clayton Residential Aged Care Services), bed licenses, equipment and funds held were transferred to the Northern Communities Health Foundation Incorporated.


Purpose of the Foundation

The purposes of the Foundation are to establish a Trust Fund principally for the benefit of residents in the Northern Districts, particularly within the districts of the Corporations of Prospect, Walkerville and Port Adelaide (Enfield area) to:

  • Promote and assist health and medical related research;

  • Assist projects promoting better health in the community; and

  • Embark on projects incidental to the above purposes as the Foundation or the Board thinks fit.


Constitution of the Board

A Board of nine members, with skills in Business, Finance/Accounting, Medicine (Specialist and General Practice), Human Resources, Medical Academia, Health Management and Legal Services is responsible for the administration and management of the Foundation. Two sub-committees, Grants, which coordinates the promotion of grants availability, the evaluation of applications and Investments, which manages the Trust Fund and income generation, have been established to assist Board deliberations.


Our Logo


The Foundation has adopted the Northern Communities Hospital logo and has also determined to maintain the Hospital's focus which was primarily on physical and psychological well-being. Accordingly the use of the word "health" is confined to areas of medical and/or psychological medicine and grants, endowments, scholarships, bursaries and prizes are allocated for initiatives in those areas.

Receipt of Bequests, Donations, Grants and Gifts

The Foundation is able to receive bequests, donations, grants, gifts and property of any kind and would be pleased to provide more information about its activities to anyone who may be interested.


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The Secretary

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